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Python II Insecticide Cattle Ear Tag, Synergized, Purple, 20 Count

Y-Tex- Controls horn flies for 3 to 4 months with one tag per animal and up to 5 months with two tag per animal when used in an insecticide rotation program.

California, Hawaii, Maine Residents: Per regulations, this product cannot be sold/shipped to your state.

Apply with the Y-Tex Universal Tagger Plus Sold Separately!!


Y-Tex Python II Insecticide Ear Tags for cattle contains synergized pyrethroid pesticide for use on beef and dairy cattle (including lactating cattle) and calves to control horn flies, face flies, lice, Gulf Coast ticks, and spinose ear ticks; it also aids in the control of stable flies, black flies, house flies and small horse flies. This insecticide cattle ear tag features a slow-release, synergized formula which is shown to have excellent activity against horn flies. Features a Tri-polymer matrix of active ingredients to deliver a high ratio of synergist to insecticide for powerful insect-eliminating action.

Controls face flies, lice, Gulf coast ticks, and spinose ear ticks for 4 to 5 months with two tags per animal. Aids in control of face flies with one tag per animal.

SPECIES: beef, dairy, and lactating dairy cattle, and calves


Can be used on lactating dairy cattle and calves.

Controls ectoparasites which can cause economic losses.

Contains a high-loading dose of piperonyl butoxide to synergize the S-isomer ingredient which dramatically abates the effect of pyrethroid resistance.

No withdrawal.

Synergized pyrethroid formula for maximum effectiveness against horn flies.


Active ingredients:

Zetacypermethrin, 2S-enantiomer, 5%.

Piperonyl butoxide, 20%.

Keep out of reach of children.

Store in a cool place in original container, away from direct sunlight. Opened bags containing ear tags should be resealed for storage.


Summer season: To control horn flies for 3 to 4 months and aid in control of face flies: Apply 1 tag per animal in late spring.

To control horn flies, face flies, lice, Gulf coast ticks and spinose ear ticks for 4 to 5 months, and to aid in control of stable flies, black flies, house flies, and small horse flies: Apply two tags per animal (1 in each ear) when flies appear in spring. Apply 2 tags to large bulls for best horn fly protection.

Winter season: For season-long lice control, apply tags in late fall. To control biting lice, short-nosed sucking lice and aid in the control of other sucking lice: Apply 1 tag per calf or 2 tags per mature animal (1 in each ear).

Apply with the Y-TEX 2-piece tagging system. Remove used tags at the end of fly and lice seasons to minimize insecticide resistance.

Environmental hazard: Wash hands thoroughly after handling ear tags. Do not contaminate water, feed or food during usage, storage, or disposal of this product.

M 021780

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