M 012641

GardStar Plus Insecticide Ear Tag, Red, 25 Count

Y-Tex- GardStar® plus is a molded plastic insecticide ear tag for cattle containing permethrin, a fast-acting synthetic pyrethroid. 

Apply with the Y-Tex Ultra Tagger Plus Sold Separately!


Use the Y-Tex Gardstar Plus Insecticide Livestock Ear Tag to control horn flies, face flies, Gulf Coast ticks and spinose ear ticks. The insecticide ear tags for livestock are safe for use on beef and dairy cattle, including lactating animals and calves. with a ribbed design, this ear tag fly control provides all-season durability. A long button shaft ensures the fly tags for cattle allow circulation around the ear.


Ear tag fly control aids in controlling face flies, lice, stable flies and house flies

Pyrethroid provides effective pest control

For use with Y-Tex Ultra Tagger and Ultra Tagger Plus (sold separately)

Pack of 25 fly tags for cattle to keep you stocked up

Controls susceptible horn flies, biting lice, sucking lice, Gulf Coast ticks and spinose ear ticks

Insecticide ear tags for livestock for use on beef and dairy


9.5gm tag.

No withdrawal.

Recommended for rotation programs: WARRIOR™ or OPtimizer™
tags to help manage horn fly resistance.

For use on lactating dairy and beef cattle and calves to control horn, flies, face flies, gulf coast ticks, spinose ear ticks and as an aid to control stable flies and houseflies.

Red/Orange colored tag.

Uses Y-tex tagger.



Attach one tag to one ear of each animal. Tags remain effective up to 5 months. For season-long control of Gulf Coast ticks and face flies, attach two ear tags per animal (one in each ear). Apply when flies first appear in spring. Replace as necessary. Apply with the Y-TEX two-piece tagging system.

M 012641

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