Corathon Insecticide Tags 20ct


Corathon Insecticide Tags 20ct

Bayer - Corathon® insecticide cattle ear tags are organophosphate tags that contain 35% diazinon and 15% coumaphos.

Use Allflex® Universal Total Tagger for application sold separately!


Corathon insecticide tags by Bayer are made with new FyberTek, the latest fiber technology that holds more active ingredient in a single tag than our prior technology allowed. For use on beef and non-lactating dairy cattle to control horn flies (including pyrethroid-, chlorinated hydrocarbon- and avermectin-resistant horn flies), face flies, Gulf Coast ticks and spinose ear ticks. Proven to be effective for up to 5 months. Replace as necessary and remove tags at end of fly season or prior to slaughter. For optimum control, use 2 tags per mature animal or 1 tag per calf. For adequate control, use 1 tag per mature animal. Corathon contains 50% organophosphate insecticide, 25% more active ingredient than the Co-Ral Plus® Insecticide Cattle Ear Tag. Slate color. 

Species:  Beef cattle and non-lactating dairy cattle 


Provides control of horn flies for up to 5 months.

FyberTek® allows for even dispersion of insecticide for maximum effectiveness.


Do not contaminate water, food or feed by storage or disposal.

Store in cool place in original container. Opened pouches containing ear tags should be resealed for storage.

Rotate with clay-colored CyGuard tags, also made with FyberTek


Disinfect Allflex® Universal Total Tagger prior to use. Place male button onto pin until it projects through the tip. Slide tag under the clip of the pliers by depressing the lever. Position tag in the center portion of the front side of the ear. Apply the tag between the second and third rib cartilage.


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