M 040748

Credo SC Insecticide, 30oz

Bayer- Specifically formulated for the poultry industry, provides premise control of darkling beetles.



CredoTM SC Insecticide Controls darkling beetles that can destroy facility insulation and structural wood, consume poultry feed, and may carry disease organisms and parasites.


Controls both adult and larval darkling beetles

Contains a class of chemistry to which darkling beetles have no resistance

42.8% imidacloprid suspension concentrate

Specifically formulated for the poultry industry

Effective single-rate application

Easy to mix; easy to apply

Labeled for banded and broadcast application

One 30 oz bottle treats a 20,000 sq ft poultry house by using band application


One 30 oz bottle treats a 20,000 sq ft poultry house using banded application.

It contains imidacloprid (42.8%), the active ingredient proven to provide effective insect control.

Credo® SC Insecticide can rotate with Tempo® products to manage darkling beetle resistance.


Apply diluted Credo SC Insecticide as a broadcast spray to the litter covering the entire floor area, especially to litter under feed and water lines, as well as to the lower sections of walls, including 1 foot up onto wood surfaces above the concrete foundation.

Manage Resistance Development

These steps can help manage darkling beetle resistance development:

  • Use insecticides at the proper rate
  • Read and follow all label instructions
  • Rotate Credo SC with Tempo® insecticides every 3-5 flocks


M 040748

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