Co-Ral Dust Bag Refills


Co-Ral Dust Bag 12.5lb (REFILL)

Bayer - Co-Ral® is an organophosphate dust which has been proven to control pyrethroid-resistant horn flies and lice on beef and dairy cattle. 

Aids in control of face flies on beef and dairy cattle and controls lice on swine.

Dust bags/kits must be purchased separately!


Co-Ral 1% Livestock Dust is for direct use on beef and dairy cattle to control horn and face flies and lice. Also controls lice in swine. May be used in cattle dust bags or applied directly to the animal with the use of a shaker can. Contains 1% coumaphos as the active ingredient.

Species: Beef and dairy cattle and swine 


No need to run cattle through a chute for application, saving time and animal stress.

Controls horn flies and lice on cattle; reduces face fly populations.

Controls lice on swine.


Active ingredient:  1% coumaphos.

1 oz of product is approximately equal to 3 level tablespoons.

Apply with a duster bag or by direct application with a shaker can.


Cattle:  Use with commercial dust bags for application or 2.0 oz of dust per animal by shaker can.

Suspend dust bags in areas frequented by cattle (gateways or lanes). For lactating dairy cows, hang bags in milking parlor exits.

For reduction of face flies, the bags must be located so the animals will be forced to use them daily and hung at a height to ensure their faces will be dusted.

Shaker can applications (2.0 oz/animal) should be over the head, neck, shoulders, back and tailhead. Repeat as necessary.

Swine:  Use the shaker can. Apply no more than 1 oz per animal as a uniformed coat to the head, shoulders and back.


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