Nursemate 50 Colostrum Supplement


Nursemate 50 Colostrum Supplement 300GM

Nursemate - Nursemate is a high performance powder that begins protecting the newborn naturally. 


Nursemate is a high performance powder that begins protecting the newborn naturally.  Nursemate also contains a relatively high level of lactoferrin, a protein that limits the growth of Gram-negative bacteria like salmonella, E. Coli and other micro organisms that require iron for their survival. 

Timing is everything!  Quick immune response and activation of the gut is vital for healthy newborn calves.  Not only does Nursemate stimulate organ growth and development, but it gets the calf up and nursing.  The immune proteins and other natural defenses found in Nursemate begin protectin the newborn while it is on the ground.  50 grams of absorbably immunoglobulins allow calves to begin absorbing these protective antibodies before nursing or being fed colostrum.  It is important that calves get maternal colostrum.  Nursemate provides just the right dosage so calves are hungry for their first feeding from their mother.


High performance colostrum supplement begins protecting the newborn naturally

50 grams of globulin protein in an easy-mix powder


To maintain maximum freshness, store in a cool, dry location and out of direct sunlight. nursemate® 50 can be kept at 70°F or below for several months without adverse effects.

For animal use only.

This product is natural bovine colostrum.


Mix entire package (300grams) with 1-2 quarts warm water of colostrum.  Administer entire mixture as soon after birth as possible (first feeding) via nipple pail, bottle or esophageal feeder.

Each dose contains 50 grams of bovine immunoglobulins.

Crude protein, minimum 50%

Crude Fat, minimum 10%

Crude Fiber, minimum 5%

Globulin Proteins 50g/dose

Saccharomyces cerevisiae     150 billion cfu's per 300gm

Vitamin E, minimum 100 I.U.

Selenium, minimum .3PPM



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