Calf's Choice Total HiCal Colostrum 700gm


Calf's Choice Total HiCal(Bronze) Colostrum 700gm

Alta Genetics - For calves that did not receive colostrum from their mothers, Calf’s Choice HiCal is a replacement supplement to maternal colostrum.



It contains greater than 100 grams of IgG and greater than 168 grams of true colostral fat. One feeding of a 24.75-ounce package supplies essential proteins, growth factors and nutrients to improve health, survival, growth and long-term performance. Also provides additional energy.

Species: Beef and dairy calves


Stops the transfer of Johne’s disease, salmonella, leucosis, E. coli, and others. 

IgG molecules are readily absorbed for maximum immune protection. 

No artificial ingredients.


Ingredients: bovine colostrum.

Store out of direct sunlight in a dry location at or below 77 °F.

Do not mix with other products, except as specified on the package.

On a replacer dose basis:

Bovine Globulin Protein (min).....100g(IGg)

Globular Protein (min) ..................14.2%

Crude Fat (min)........................25%

Mix two heaping teaspoons or 1pkg(700grams) with 5 cups (1250ml)of  130degree Fahrenheit water.


Use a whisk or electric mixer to mix each package into 5 cups of hot water, no hotter than 130 °F. Feed using a calf nipple bottle or esophageal feeder. Calf’s Choice Bronze Total HiCal can be mixed with maternal colostrum for feeding.


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