Matrix for Swine


Matrix for Swine 1lt.

Merck - Matrix is for synchronization of estrus in sexually mature gilts that have had at least one estrous cycle. 


Matrix is the only product that lets you synchronize estrus in your gilt pool for maximum operational efficiency.  They come into heat during the same period, are bred at the same time, and farrow on the same schedule.  Their pigs are weaned together, finish together and are delivered to the packer together. You'll have better flow management with less variation, and your packer will receive a more consistent product. Treatment with altrenogest solution 0.22% results in estrus (standing heat) 4 to 9 days after completion of the 14-day treatment period. Altrenogest solution 0.22% (2.2 mg/mL). 1000ml.

Species: Swine


MATRIX gives swine producers unparalleled control of estrus synchronization in sexually mature, cycling females.  This leads to maximal operating efficiency and profitability.

MATRIX offers a convenient handling system to minimize handling concerns and simple storage requirements to maintain maximum product quality.

Reduce costs and increase profitability.  MATRIX can potentially lower your labor costs by dramatically reducing heat checking and virtually eliminating weekend breeding and farrowing(1).  Additionally, with MATRIX, up to 85% of your treated gilts will be in estrus within 4-9 days after MATRIX withdrawal.



User/Handler Safety: Keep this and all medication out of the reach of children.

People who should not handle this product:

  • Women who are or suspect they are pregnant.
  • Anyone with thrombophlebitis or thromboembolic disorders or with a history of these events.
  • Anyone with cerebral-vascular or coronary-artery disease.
  • Women with known or suspected carcinoma of the breast.
  • People with known or suspected estrogen-dependent neoplasia.
  • Women with undiagnosed vaginal bleeding.
  • People with benign or malignant tumors which developed during the use of oral contraceptives or other estrogen containing products.
  • Anyone with liver dysfunction or disease.

Avoid skin contact. Wear vinyl, polyethylene, neoprene, butyl or nitrile protective gloves when handling this product. Pregnant women or women who suspect they are pregnant should not handle MATRIX® (altrenogest) Solution 0.22%. Women of childbearing age should exercise extreme caution when handling this product. Accidental absorption could lead to a disruption of the menstrual cycle or prolongation of pregnancy. Wash off accidental spillage on the skin immediately with soap and water.


While wearing protective gloves, remove shipping cap and seal. Replace with plastic dispensing cap in package.

Remove cover from bottle dispensing tip and connect luer lock syringe (without needle.)

Draw out appropriate volume of MATRIX solution.  (Note:  Do not remove syringe while bottle is inverted, as spillage my result.)

Detach syringe and replace cover on bottle dispensing tip to prevent leakage.

Dosage Guidelines:

To produce the desired synchronization of estrus in a group of gilts, treat all of the gilts once daily for the same 14-day period.

Treat gilts on an individual basis by top dressing MATRIX on a portion of each gilt's daily feed allowance.

Administer 6.8 mL (15 mg altrenogest) per gilt once daily for 14 consecutive days.

Underfeeding of MATRIX may lead to the occurrence of cystic follicles.

Excessive use of a syringe may cause the syringe to stick. This is normal. Simply discard and replace syringe as necessary.



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