Celmanax Liquid  2.5 gallons


Celmanax Liquid 2.5 gallons


Arm & Hammer - CELMANAX delivers a full dose of yeast culture plus the extra power of MOS and beta-glucans to help bind mycotoxins.

Improve health and Maximize performance!

FOB charges apply.


For Poultry, cattle, pigs, sheep, horses and other animals impacted by digestive issues.

CELMANAX delivers a full dose of yeast culture plus the extra power of MOS and beta-glucans to help bind mycotoxins.

CELMANAX Liquid is designed to be used in liquid feed, milk and milk replacer applications to derive the same benefits of dry yeast preparations, and can be used to replace live yeast or yeast culture.

CELMANAX is an all-natural feed additive (can also be mixed into drinking water) which coats harmful bacteria and protozoa in the animal gut. This prevents them from attaching to the gut wall, causing them to be flushed out of the animal's digestive tract without being able to 'infect' the animal. Celmanax is also indicated in binding to mycotoxins in corn-based feeds which damage gut linings, and can poison the animal to the point of death.

Use to prevent and treat coccidiosis, prevent bacterial diarrhoea, minimise mycotoxin damage (leading to diarrhoea and neurological as well as joint damage) and in young animals, promote faster development of 'non-specific immunity' through better general health.


-Help prepare the immune system ahead of a challenge so animals can respond quickly when challenges occur

-Support optimal rumen fermentation and digestion

-Maintain consistent milk production and milk quality even when heat and humidity rise


Store (bulk) in a clean tank at a temperature less than 140ºF. Preferred storage conditions are 26ºF to 140ºF. Protect from prolonged freezing conditions. Store containers under same conditions. Can be used if frozen and completely thawed.

Withdrawal Period – No withdrawal period observed.

Pharmaceutical Precaution: Shake well before use Keep Bottle closed and in a dry cool place Keep Out Of Reach of Children For Animal use only



Pre-Fresh Dry Cow: 28 ml/head/day

Lactating Cow: 14 ml/head/day

Milk replacer: 8 ml/head/day

Calf Starter: 8 ml/head/day

Heifer: 10 ml/head/day


Layer, Broiler, Broiler/Breeder: 0.25 ml/L


Breeder, Poultry, Grow/Finish: 0.25 ml/L


Beef cow: 10 ml/head/day

Newborn to 250lbs: 7 ml/head/day

Beef Calf, 250-500 lbs: 7 ml/head/day

Feedlot: 12 ml/head/day


Sow: 6 ml/head/day

Nursery: 2 ml/head/day

Grow/Finish: 6 ml/head/day



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