Country Vet Metered Fly Aerosol 6.4oz


Country Vet's® Metered Fly Aerosol 6.4oz

Country Vet - Metered Fly Spray kills flies, mosquitoes, gnats and small flying moths. 

ORMD product, must ship UPS ground!


The Number 1 Selling Metered Insecticide in the World! Contains 0.975 percent Pyrethrins from Chrysanthemum flowers, for effective flying insect control. Kills and repels Flies, Mosquitoes, Gnats and Small Flying Moths. Fits in the Country Vet Metered dispenser. It is safe for use in dairies, barns, kennels, factories, food handling areas, offices, garages, mud rooms and entryways.   AEROSOLS MUST SHIP UPS


Active Ingredient: .975% Pyrethrins

6.4 oz. can lasts 30 days

Covers 6,000 cubic feet

Contains no CFCs

EPA Registered–USDA Rated

Effective Against: Flies, Mosquitoes, Gnats and Small Flying Moths


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