Tempo SC Ultra 32ml


Tempo SC Ultra 32ml

Bayer - Kills crawling, flying, and wood-infesting insects and protects barns, horse stables, and other animal quarters from invading pests. 

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Just mix and spray to provide effective control. Kills over 60 pests, including flies, ants, and spiders. Use in and around barns, horse stables and animal quarters.

Beta-cyfluthrin, the active ingredient in Tempo® SC Ultra, is a stabilized pyrethroid insecticide that acts both on contact and ingestion. Tempo SC Ultra provides effective knockdown of a broad spectrum of insect pests. It delivers successful control in a liquid suspension-concentrate formulation, providing even dispersal during application. The active ingredient stays in suspension without re-agitation.


Ideal for use in and around animal facilities, outbuildings and sheds.

Broad spectrum insect and pest control.

Can be used in food/feed handling establishments.

Can be used on multiple surfaces indoor and outdoor.

Non-staining and low odor.

Provides quick knockdown and residual control.


For premise use only.

One 240 mL bottle will make 30 gallons of spray when mixed at 8 mL per gallon.

One 240 mL bottle will make 15 gallons of spray when mixed at 16 mL per gallon.


Depending on the surface and area that is being treated, this product is mixed to various strengths. Check product label for proper mixing and how to apply to the area needing to be treated.

Liquid: Mix at 16 mL per one gallon of water under conditions of severe pest infestation or when quicker knockdown and/or residual control is needed.



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