Vitamin E+AD


Vitamin E+AD 250ml - Rx

Brand Varies - Intended as a supplemental source of vitamins A and D3 and natural vitamin E. 


Vitamin E+AD is a clear, sterile, non-aqueous solution of Vitamin A, Vitamin D3, and Vitamin E. The product is intended as a supplemental source of vitamin A, D, and E.

Natural Vitamin A (carotenes), and tocopherols in feedstuffs can be destroyed through processing, ensiling and storage. Due to these losses, reduced intakes of fat-soluble vitamins can occur in animals maintained in continual confinement compared to animals allowed to graze lush pasture. Intramuscular or subcutaneous injections offer an efficient and rapid method to increase vitamin A, vitamin D and vitamin E status of animals.

Species: Cattle (Dairy and Beef), Swine, and Sheep


Provides a quick boost of Vitamin E to help maintain Vitamin E levels

Eight times more effectively absorbed than equal amounts of Vitamin E ad-ministered orally

Offers flexibility of intramuscular or subcutaneous injection

Contains Vitamin A Propionate versus Vitamin A Palmitate

Provides vitamins essential to cell integrity and metabolic functions including reproduction, bone development, mucosal secretions and proper growth and maintenance of surface epithelium

Excellent syringe-ability

Contains no harmful levels of emulsifiers or alcohol, therefore, will not cause injection site irritation.


Do not exceed recommended dosage. Occasionally, reaction of an anaphylactic or allergic nature may occur. Should such reactions occur, treat immediately with injection of epinephrine or antihistamines. Administration of this product to well nourished animals may cause hypervitaminosis D which may result in hypercalcemia.

Do not add water to solution.

Store between 15° and 30°C (59°-86°F) in a dark place.


Intramuscular or subcutaneous administration only. If dose is greater than 5 mL, equally divide the dose and inject at two different sites.


Cattle (Dairy and Beef)

Cows and Heifers 2-3 wks pre-partum, At calving, End of lactation 8-10ML

Calves At birth, At weaning 4-6ML

Yearlings  5-6ML


Sows 4-6ML

Baby Pigs 1-2ML


Adult Sheep: 4-5ML

Lambs: 2-3ML


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