Magrath Power Pack w/Batteries


Magrath Power Pack w/ Batteries

Springer Magrath - The ESP Power Pak is a solid state electronic system has no moving parts to wear out or replace. 

Springer Magrath® prod rods/shafts must be purchased separately!


Molded of tough structural grade, high impact plastic. Gives efficient electrical conduction and long battery life. After the release of the button it stores 1 shock in the shaft.  


  • Tip rotates to any position
  • Clog-free, no ground tip
  • Tough, flexible shaft up to 90 degrees
  • High energy, longer lasting alkaline batteries
  • Durable, reliable solid state electronics system
  • Transmits very low current to animal with strong, instantaneous jolt
  • Finger guide to find switch by feel
  • Rubber switch insulator for prevention of feedback
  • Precious metal battery contacts won't corrode
  • Heavy coil spring assures firm battery contact
  • Tough, structural grade plastic case


According to the Bureau of Industry and Security—U.S. Department of Commerce, “…devices to administer electric shock, for

example, stun guns, shock batons, shock shields, electronic cattle prods…. A license is required for all destinations (from the U.S.),

except Canada, regardless of end-use.” Per this regulation, electric cattle prod export is not permitted without prior U.S.

Government authorization.



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