Calf Weaner - Green

Agri-Pro - Durable plastic, more comfortable for livestock.  Effective yet economical.  Nose piece is adjustable by loosening or tightening the wing nut.   


These calf weaner nose rings are made of a durable, green plastic making them more comfortable for young livestock. The nosepiece of the calf weaner is adjusted by loosening or tightening the wing nut on front. Calf weaners allow the babies to stay with the herd while continuing to wean them as an alternative to physical separation. Durable plastic with adjustable fit ensures the calf weaner ring stays put for the approximate seven days and a smooth weaning before removing.

Species: Beef and dairy calves


Effectively stops calf from suckling. 

Easy way to wean calves. 

Reduces the stress of weaning. 

Apply by hand.


Insert the calf weaner in the calf’s nose. Leave on calf for 4 to 7 days. Separate calf from mother at the time of weaner removal.


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