Allflex Ultra Precision Repeater Syringe (50cc)


Allflex Ultra Precision Repeater Syringe (50cc)

Allflex - Pistol Grip repeater syringe makes administration easy! 


Allflex Repeater Syringes are an excellent choice for nearly all species (except poultry) and are designed for use by veterinarians and livestock producers to administer most animal health medications. Ultra precision syringe for high volume accuracy. Lightweight metal handle with non-slip coating and easy grip design. 50 ml amber colored barrel reduces UV sun exposure for longer life. Highly machined, square plunger rod produces positive, accurate ratchet action. With positive needle lock. Dosage adjusts from 1-5 ml in 1 ml increments.


Accurately delivers selected dose

Easy-grip for high volume use

Barrel and needle attachment are autoclave-safe

Streamlined design with fewer replacement parts

Amber-colored barrel reduces UV sunlight exposure

Color Knob Pack available to differentiate between medications


Adjustable doses from 1ml to 5ml

Constructed of chrome, metal and Lexan.


Cleaning multiple-dose vaccine syringes

1. Scrub the external syringe surface with soap, water and a brush.

2. Rinse the syringe’s internal components, including tubes and connectors, with

distilled water that is near boiling (180-190 F.) Do not use soap or disinfectants,

as their residues may inactivate modified-live vaccines. Draw boiling water into

the syringe and squirt it out three to five times. Let the syringe cool before use.

3. Store the newly cleaned syringe in a dust-free, dry environment.

4. Boil vaccine transfer needles and allow them to cool before use.

5. Never use vaccine syringes for purposes other than vaccinations. 


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