Prima Bottle Mount Vaccinator 6ml Adjustable Syringe

Prima Tech - Fast fit bottle mount that provides a quick bottle changing system with an adjustable dose.


Includes fast-fit adapters for 100 ml and 250 ml bottles. Fast-Fit system protects glass bottles against breakage. Steel needle nib adds great strength to a critical stress point. Ergonomical handle design offers easier, more comfortable use. Bottles can be changed by sliding out the used bottle and inserting a new full bottle. 


Easily administers oily, viscous or heavy iron solutions as well as a variety of suspensions. 

User friendly with an ergonomic shape. 

No lost or wasted medication.

Can be autoclaved to sterilize.


Adjusts in 1/2 ml increments.

Replacement Barrel and O-Ring, Piston O-Ring, Fast-Fit Mount and Needle Nut sold separately.


Before mounting the bottle to vaccinator, puncture the rubber stopper by using the handle spring puncturing feature.

To operate the fast-fit bottle mount: After piercing the rubber stopper, align the pierced rubber stopper with vaccinator draw spike and press firmly together. DO NOT TWIST BOTTLE.

To remove the bottle: Using the thumb and forefinger of one hand, squeeze the retention grips firmly together. Using the other hand grasp the bottle by the bottom and pull firmly out of the fast fit connector.

Prima Tech

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