Prima Vac Pac Hanging Bottle Holder 500-1000ml Large

Prima Tech - Prima Tech Vac-Pac Hanging Vaccine Holder includes a heavy Velcro strap to hang your bottle on a chute, processing cart, post or shoulder.

A convenient way to secure your livestock vaccination bottle!


Vac-Pac Hanging Bottle Holder for injectable medications. Helps protect bottle from accidental breakage. Allows bottle to drain completely when used with a hose-fed draw-off syringe. Side pockets to hold needles. Heavy duty hook-and-loop strap can be used to hang on chutes, panels, processing carts, etc. Features hole in the bottom to accommodate inverted bottles.


Keeps both hands free. 

Works great for vaccinating. 

No worries about dropping the bottle or having it knocked out of your hands. The material grips the bottle. 

Easy to use and clean.


The Large Size accommodates a 500-1000ml bottles.


Set the bottle upside down in the holder and hang the straps on a chute, processing cart, post or shoulder. Needles can be stored in the side in elastic bands.

Prima Tech

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