Roux Pistol Grip Syringe (50cc)


Henke-Roux Pistol Grip Syringe 50ml.

Henke-Roux - High quality, precision-made revolver syringe from Germany.


Henke Roux Revolver is a high quality precision-made revolver syringe. Of German origin, it’s known for its accuracy. Dosage is set by turning the dosage setting wheel at the rear of the barrel. For long lasting dependability, durability and accuracy, buy the “HENKE” Roux.

Species: beef and dairy cattle, calves, sheep, goats and swine


Easy to disassemble for cleaning and sterilization.

Metal frame to protect the glass barrel.

Provides efficiency for vaccinating groups of animals.


Settings of 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 ml.

Replacement parts available.


Set the dose by turning dosage dial. Twist needle into luer-lock position by turning clockwise until tight. Draw medication into syringe. Expel trapped air.

Care instructions: After each use or between medications, draw hot soapy water into syringe. Avoid anti-bacterial soap when using live virus vaccine. Set on maximum dose and flush system by pumping six to ten times. Soak if needed. Rinse well with clear water.

To extend the life of the O-ring, lubricate with vegetable oil. Do not use petroleum-based products.

If the glass barrel breaks, loosen knurled knob, remove barrel carefully and check plunger for cuts. Replace plunger if needed. Lubricate O-ring or rubber piston with vegetable oil and reinsert piston into new glass barrel.


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