Tattoo Paste Green 1oz tube


Tattoo Paste 1oz Green

Ketchum - A permanent green animal tattoo paste that leaves a permanent tattoo that is easy to read.


Extensively tested and recommended by the American Angus Association. Suggested for all dark-eared cattle, sheep, and hogs. Highly-concentrated pigment ensures deep penetration and permanent mark. Nontoxic. For use in the permanent identification of animals, especially cattle and swine. Tattoo ink is formulated for long-lasting wear; easily read years after tattoo application.

Species: Cattle, Hogs, Sheep, Goats, Rabbits


Available in paste form. Easy to apply. 

A quick and economic way to permanently identify animals.


Clean and dry area to be marked. Apply a coating of ink to the area and make an imprint with the tattoo instrument. Thoroughly rub more past ink into punctures to insure a proper, long-lasting tattoo.


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