ToDAY Mastitis Treatment for Lactating Cows 12ct.

Boehringer Ingelheim - Today is a one-day mastitis treatment for lactating cows .

Each 10 cc syringe contains 200 mg of cephapirin activity as cephapirin sodium for lactating cows.


For effective intramammary infusion into the lactating cow. Provides bactericidal activity against both gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria, especially penicillin-resistant Strept agalactiae and Staph aureus.


Easy two-tube treatment given 12 hours apart provides control against mastitis-causing pathogens and reduces time cow spends in hospital pen

Opti-Sert® applicator tip helps to reduce the incidence of new infections

A 12-hour, two-tube treatment of ToDAY can reduce the time cows spend in the hospital pen by 35 percent when compared to 5 tubes of Spectramast® LC (ceftiofur hydrochloride) given over 5 days.


Box contains 12 x 10 ml syringes with 12 convenient single use alcohol pads.

96 hour milk withholding after last treatment; 4 day slaughter withdrawal after last treatment.

Storage: Store at or below 25°C (77°F). Do not freeze. Avoid excessive heat.


Each 10 ml syringe contains 200 mg cephapirin activity as cephapirin sodium. Use at the first signs of bovine mastitis, including inflammation or alteration in milk produced.

Infuse the entire contents of one syringe (10 mL) into each infected quarter immediately after the quarter has been completely milked out. Repeat once only in 12 hours. If definite improvement is not noted within 48 hours after treatment, the causal organism should be further investigated. Consult your veterinarian.

Milk out udder completely. Wash the udder and teats thoroughly with warm water containing a suitable dairy antiseptic and dry, preferably using individual paper towels. Carefully scrub the teat end and orifice with 70% alcohol, using a separate swab for each teat. Allow to dry.

ToDAY is packaged with the Opti-Sert® protective cap.

For Partial Insertion: Twist off upper portion of the OPTI-SERT protective cap to expose 3-4 mm of the syringe tip.

For Full Insertion: Remove protective cap to expose the full length of the syringe tip.

Insert syringe tip into the teat canal and expel the entire contents of one syringe into each infected quarter. Withdraw the syringe and gently massage the quarter to distribute the suspension into the milk cistern. Do not milk out for 12 hours.

Do not infuse contents of the mastitis syringe into the teat canal if the OPTI-SERT protective cap is broken or damaged.


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