Epi-Otic Advanced Ear Cleanser 8oz.

Virbac - A mild, nonirritating, cleansing and drying solution formulated to remove crusts and excessive cerumen.


Neutralizes bad ear odors so ears smell better. Cleansing action helps emulsify and remove wax. Drying action discourages a moist environment. Keratolytic formula helps remove dead cells and debris. Innovative glycotechnology reduces the ability of microorganisms to bind to skin and reduces the release of inflammatory mediators.


Non-irritating; well-tolerated by sensitive skin 

Gentle enough for frequent use


Low pH and contains no chlorhexidine or alcohol.

Contains 2.7% lactic acid and 0.1% salicylic acid.

Labeled for use on dogs and cats of any age.

Available in 4 oz and 8 oz sizes


Apply liberally into ear canal and gently rub base of ear. Wipe interior of ear flap with cotton ball or a cloth moistened with the ear cleanser. For routine use, apply 2-3 per week.


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