Formaldehyde 37% Gallon

Brand Varies - For use as an aid in preserving tissue samples or for foot baths. Also an important chemical for taxidermy.

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Active Ingredients:


Inactive Ingredients:

Water & Methanol63% (Methanol 11.5 to 12.5%)


Store above 50ºF.

POISON! Can be fatal if swallowed.

Treat in a well-ventilated area.

Use protective gloves and eyewear.

Keep out of reach of children.

Read all warnings and cautions on label.


Mix 1 part formaldehyde to 19 parts water for a walk through foot bath.

Shepherd’s Choice™ Management Tip

It is possible to clear up footrot in large flocks. It will be difficult and depending on how much rainfall you receive annually, it may be very difficult.

Separate your flock into affected and clean sheep. Keep the clean sheep free and work on the affected sheep. The best antibiotic to use is Zactran® given at labeled doses. Do not use “similar” antibiotics. It is expensive but will clear the infection.

Trim the hooves on infected sheep. The infection is caused by two bacteria that are anaerobic, so trim the feet aggressively. If you are not hitting blood on 1 out of 3 feet you are not going deep enough.

Periodic use of a formaldehyde foot bath (1 to 19 dilution) will help eliminate early infections and carriers. Use diluted solution in a walk-through foot bath every 4–6 weeks.


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