Hoof-It Liquid 473ml


Hoof-It Liquid 473ml

Agriviv - Use with HOOF-It powder to form a fast setting, durable adhesive for the application of hoof blocks to lame animals. 


Use with HOOF-It(r) powder to form a fast setting, durable adhesive for the application of hoof blocks to lame animals. One 473-ml bottle of liquid mixes with 2 bottles of powder for enough adhesive to apply 20 hoof blocks.

Mix HOOF-It Liquid and Powder for hoof repair acrylic to properly glue and apply hoof blocks and boots to your beef or dairy cattle. Flexible, durable, won't damage hooves - quick and easy to use. A quick-curing, high-tech dental acrylic resin is the key material in the HOOF-it system. Less odorous than other products on the market, it's easy to mix and use and provides consistent results. With accelerator treatment, it can be done in four minutes, even at -22° F.

Species: Beef and dairy cattle


Acrylic hoof repair for dairy cattle.

Less temperamental to heat and cold than many other products.

Mixes easily with HOOF-it Liquid.

Less odor compared to other products.


Product generates heat in the curing process, yet will not burn the hoof or claw.

Wear latex gloves when mixing.


Treat the injured claw. Create a clean, flat, dry surface on the sound toe. Pour 25 ml HOOF-it Liquid into the Mixing Toe (left or right) up to the measuring line or into the HOOF-It BootBlock. Add approximately 50 g of HOOF-it Powder for a 2:1 ratio, mixing into a paste with the included wooden spatula. Place the wood block into the Mixing Toe, touching the toe of block into the front tip and firmly seating the block into the Mixing Toe. Spread the paste thickly and evenly on wood or BootBlock. Press block onto cow’s prepared, sound claw, leaving a layer of glue (about 1/8-inch thick) to allow the block to adhere to the claw. Spread excess glue thickly and evenly along edges of block and claw. Hold block to claw until mixture hardens (2 to 3 minutes). Let cow stand on block before releasing.


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