Blue Ribbon Uterine Bolus Non Medicated 50ct.

M 502055

Blue Ribbon Uterine Bolus Non Medicated 50ct.

Merrick's - Non-medicated urea bolus for use as an antiseptic and proteolytic aid in dairy cattle, beef cattle and sheep.


For use as a cleansing agent to maintain uterine health in animals following birthing.


This will help with retained placenta.

Helps with any uterine infections.


Each bolus contains 13.4 gm urea. 
Do not administer orally.
Do not use in deep wounds or for burns.
Keep tightly closed.
Store in a cool, dry place.

Cattle - 2-4 boluses

Sheep - 1/2-1 bolus.

To prevent introduction of infection, stringent hygiene must be observed. Completely cleanse external area of animal with warm soapy water prior to inserting bolus or flush. Additional cleansing with approved disinfectant is preferred. Applicator should thoroughly cleanse arms and hands before treating animals.

Insert boluses directly into uterus or dissolve in 16 oz warm water for an intrauterine flush.

M 502055

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