Vetericyn Super 7 Ultra Navel Care 16oz. Spray

Vetericyn - Vetericyn Super 7 Ultra Navel Care is an an umbilical cord dry out and protection solution for newborn animals.


Super 7 Ultra Navel Care is a non-toxic, ready-to-use navel dip for newborn animals. Contains a preservative (isopropyl alcohol-based additive), enhanced compared to Super 7+ for additional antimicrobial protection. This action improves the preservative effectiveness for greater protection against cross-contamination. Designed specifically for a safe and effective alternative to 7% iodine (strong iodine); it provides fast umbilical cord dry-out and protection for newborn animals. Bright pink-orange solution for easy identification. Dries the umbilical cord 50% faster than similar products.

Species: beef and dairy calves, newborn sheep, goats, swine, horses and dogs


Provides superior dry-out solution for newborn animals.

Great alternative to strong iodine (7% iodine).

Non-toxic and safe when used according to the label.

Safe for the animal and the person applying it.

Environmentally safe.


Formulated with an elevated pH and hypertonic characteristics, specifically designed to desiccate the umbilical cord.

Orange dye for easy identification of animals already dipped or sprayed.

Store at room temperature away from heat and direct sunlight.


Shake this product well before each use. Wear disposable gloves to prevent staining your hands. Wear safety glasses to prevent dip from splashing into your eyes.

Navel dip should be applied within 30 minutes of birth, while navel is still wet. Using a teat dip cup, pour enough navel dip to fill dip cup. Totally submerge the navel cord in the solution. Gently push the teat cup against the abdomen to coat and stain the entire navel area. You may repeat in 12 hours to speed the drying process. Discard navel dip after each use. If the newborn navel area is dirty, use a separate container, and fill with the navel dip to wash the cord. Then, use the teat cup to dip the clean cord.


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