Endovac - Dairy w/ Immune Plus 50ds.


Endovac - Dairy w/ Immune Plus 50ds.

Immvac - Endovac Dairy with ImmunePlus is for vaccination of healthy cattle to aid in the prevention of clinical mastitis.


Immvac Endovac Dairy Vaccine for cows helps prevent clinical mastitis, avoiding the need for mastitis treatment and culling. Provides unparalleled E.coli mastitis protection, plus protection from multiple gram-negative bacterial diseases. Safe for use during all trimesters of pregnancy and lactating dairy cows, to provide protection from E. coli, Salmonella, Pasteurella, and Mannheimia bacteria. Formulated with Immune Plus, an immunostimulant which increases the animal’s production of antibodies, B and T lymphocytes, and neutrophils creating a stronger immune response. Free of harmful active endotoxins, preventing a large drop in milk production during vaccine administration.

Formulated with Immune Plus, which contains a patented immune stimulator to enhance antibodies in colostrum—helping prevent scours and shipping fever in baby calves.

Aids in the prevention of clinical mastitis and other endotoxin mediated diseases such as scours and shipping fever in calves caused by E. coli, Salmonella, and Pasteurella.

Species: Beef and dairy cows, including pregnant and lactating


Safe for use in all trimesters of pregnancy.

Safe for use in lactating cows.

By aiding in the reduction of clinical mastitis the savings over costly treatment and culling makes it extremely cost effective.

Patented immune stimulator Immune Plus enhances antibodies in colostrum to help prevent scours and shipping fever in baby calves.

Supporting Information:

This is a core antigen vaccine with a unique and effective immune stimulant. Protects against E. coli mastitis and other endotoxin mediated diseases caused by Salmonella, Pasteurella multocida, and Pasteurella (mannheimia) haemolytica. Gram-negative bacteria have extremely similar cell walls, allowing the cross protection provided by the vaccine against gram-negative endotoxic diseases. The immune stimulant increases antibodies found in the cow’s colostrum to provide better protection in their calves against scours and bacterial pneumonias.

Provides broad-spectrum disease control of gram-negative bacteria while utilizing only one antigen.

Does not contain harmful active endotoxins. Safe and effective Endovac vaccine parried with Immune Plus is a real solution for dairymen and calf raisers.


No milk withhold.

21-day slaughter withdrawal.

Store at 2 to 8 °Celsius or 35 to 46 °Fahrenheit.

36-month shelf life.


First dose: 2 ml, intramuscularly.

Second dose: 2 ml, intramuscularly, 2 to 3 weeks following the priming dose.

Contact your veterinarian or manufacturer for more information about revaccination frequency.


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