Nuplura PH  50ds


Nuplura PH 50ds

Elanco -  Nuplura PH provides single dose protection against pasteurella pneumonia (shipping fever) caused by Mannheimia haemolytica in cattle 3 months of age and older.

A single dose demonstrated protective immunity as early as 10 days after administration. 



Recombinant Leukotoxoid Technology — Nuplura PH is the first and only cattle vaccine developed in the U.S. market using a combination of outer membrane protein (OMP) and recombinant leukotoxoid technology. Nuplura PH contains consistent levels of leukotoxoid in every dose to provide a strong immune response.

Purified Antigen — Nuplura PH is not a simple, inactivated whole-cell product like most other bacterins. It contains outer membrane proteins that have been extracted and purified through a proprietary process. The result is a reduction of cellular debris, which allows the immune system to focus entirely on critical bacterial components.

Fast Onset of Immunity — Nuplura PH is the only Mannheimia haemolytica vaccine demonstrated to deliver immunity as soon as 10 days.

Minimal Reactivity — The unique formulation of Nuplura PH is gentle on calves. Administered as directed, there should be no effect on the meat or the carcass at slaughter due to injection site reactions.


A single dose provides immunity in 10 days which makes it much faster acting than comparable vaccines. 

Formula is easy on calves and has little site reaction meaning less droopy calves post-vaccination and less tissue damage.

Immune response is increased; shortening the time it takes for protection. 


Contains Mannheimia haemolytica, outer membrane proteins and a recombinant leukotoxoid. It contains the Emulsigen® D as an adjuvant and thimerosal and gentamicin as preservatives. 

This vaccine is designed differently than other bacterins. The outer proteins have been extracted and purified. This allows the immune system to focus on critical bacterial components. 

Demonstrated to be safe in calves as young as 28 days. 

Store out of direct sunlight at 35 to 45 ˚F (2 to 7 ˚C); DO NOT FREEZE. 

Do not vaccinate within 60 days before slaughter. 

Transient swelling at the injection site may occur. 

Anaphylactic reactions may occur, treat with epinephrine.


Shake well before using. Use entire contents when first opened.

Administer a 2-ml dose subcutaneously in the neck following Beef Quality Assurance guidelines. Only a single dose is necessary but a booster dose can be administered prior to periods of stress or elevated risk of exposure. Consult your veterinarian about revaccination intervals.


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