M 050704

Entero Vac 500 Escherichia Coli Swine Vaccine, Avirulent Live Culture, 500 ds.

Akro Labs -  For prevention of disease associated with the K-88 strain of E. coli, in pigs at 17 days of age or older.


Aiding in the prevention of disease associated with the K-88 strain of E. coli, this product should be administered to pigs at 17 days of age or older. For oral administration in the drinking water that would be consumed in 6 to 8 hours. This product is freeze-dried and should be stored at normal refrigeration temperature.

Species: Swine


Aids in the prevention of enteritis. 

Decreases mortality and morbidity associated with enteritis by over 90%. 

Easy to administer. 

Vaccinates a large amount of pigs at the same time.


Store the vaccine at a temperature not over 45 °F (7 °C). 

Use the entire contents when first opened. 

Burn this container and all unused contents. 

Use only proper hygiene when handling the vaccine. Clean any spills with disinfectants. 

Keep the vaccine away from open wounds. Wear gloves if necessary. 

Wash hands thoroughly after using the vaccine. 

Do not vaccinate within 21 days of slaughter. 

Anaphylactic reactions may occur; administer epinephrine.


Discontinue use of medications and disinfecting products in the drinking water at least 3 days before using this product. Do not resume until 3 days following vaccination. Use clean, cool, non-chlorinated water. Use skim milk or an oral vaccine stabilizer to remove traces of antibacterial agents. Skim milk can be used at 2 cups per gallon of stock solution. Rehydrate the vaccine just prior to administration with water to a level of 20 ml.

Dosage is based on number of pigs. Use at least one dose per pig. Add vaccine to the calculated amount of water and administer immediately. Administer orally in an amount of drinking water that would be consumed by thirsty pigs in about 6 to 8 hours. Make sure all the vaccine is consumed by the pigs. Provide ample water space so that all the pigs can drink easily. The average daily water consumption is about 0.5 liter per 10 pounds. The water consumption will be affected by weather, management conditions and the age of the pigs. A 100-dose vial treats one hundred 10 pound pigs.

M 050704

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