Shut-Eye Pinkeye Patches Cow Size


Shut-Eye Pinkeye Patches Cow Size

American Animal Health, Inc. - Protective eye patch completely covers the infected eye with a dome designed to fit the curve of the animal's head.

Product comes with one tube of glue. Extra glue sold separately!

ORMD product, must ship UPS Ground.


Patented patch for aiding in the treatment of pinkeye. The canvas patch that is glued over affected eye while it is healing. It aids in protecting the eye from sunlight, wind, dust, grasses and insects. Helps prevent the spread of infection to other animals in the group. Available in two sizes for the best fit. Easily applied with the included special adhesive. The patch should fall off in about 10 days.

Species: beef and dairy cattle and calves


Reduces the spread of pinkeye while protecting the eye. 

Holds medication in place and protects eye from irritation by insects, grass, weeds, wind and sunlight.

Use in conjunction with antibiotics.


Packaged with cement.


The animals hair needs to by dry and free of debris.

Apply 1/4" ring of adhesive around patch 1/2" from edge. Apply medication.

Place patch over eye with peak centered, seam pointing toward the ear. Press on firmly to assure a good bond.

Patch will fall off in about seven to ten days and decompose.

If infection persists, consult your veterinarian.


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