Z1 No-Snag Blank Cow Tags 25ct - Turquoise


Z1 No-Snag Blank Cow Tags 25ct - Turquoise

Z-Tags - A one-piece tagging system with proven retention!

Tagger sold separately!


Made of soft, flexible material that won't curl, twist, crack or peel. Ear tag design ensures that back of tag won’t snag, pull out or break off. Exclusive self-piercing tag tip makes a clean, precise incision to reduce risk of infection. Unique pivoting applicator pin promotes healing and virtually eliminates ripped or torn ears.


The ear tags cattlemen swear by

Have a 98% retention rate, unsurpassed ease of application and offer outstanding readability


Dimensions: 3"W x 4-3/8"H 


Restrain the animal. Use a Z Tag Applicator to insert the tag into the animal’s ear between the two ear veins.

  1. Flip applicator pin up to tag loading position.
  2. Insert pin into tag.
  3. Straighten self piercing tip and push down onto pin. Make sure tag is fully seated on the pin before tagging.
  4. Rotate tag to the side. Flip the applicator pin down into tagging position.
  5. Tag through the front of the ear only. To apply tag, squeeze handles firmly together and hold closed.
  6. To remove applicator, pull the Z Tags applicator straight down and away from the ear on one single motion. Do not release the applicator handles at any point during step.

When the Z Tags applicator is pulled away from the ear, the pin automatically flips up to eliminate ripped ears and damage to the pin.

Z Tags

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