List of products by brand Innovacyn-Vetericyn

Vetericyn® is committed to being the world’s leading manufacturer of high quality, innovative and reliable animal healthcare products. We will use our repertoire of technology to continue to solve issues in the animal healthcare industry and differentiate our content, services and consumer products. We will continue to seek and develop the most safe, effective, and innovative animal healthcare products in the world. We will meet our challenging goals by engaging the talent and desire of people who have a passion for animals, health, community, service, science, and the environment. Vetericyn Values 1.Embrace and drive innovative change 2.Help have a greater world impact 3.Pursue growth and learning 4.Embrace integrity 5.Don’t take ourselves too seriously 6.Passion for our work and causes 7.Welcome feedback and continually improve 8.Be adventurous, creative, and open-minded 9.Positive team and family spirit 10.Delighting our customers

Vetericyn - For irritated eyes to help relieve burning, stinging, itchy, watery eyes, and removal of foreign materials.